Matching Education Online Course
for Singles and Parents

Inspiring Testimonies | Practical Guidance


"Real-life examples of couples who have successfully made it through the matching process and received the Blessing. It was fun to hear their journeys and helped me gain inspiration!"

"The presentations were amazing! I liked the testimonies as well. Attending with my parents was really nice"

Create a Vision for Your Blessing

Every successful Blessing starts with a strong vision and purpose (as you'll hear from the couples that share their testimony!). This course will help you paint a picture of what your marriage and family will look like, and help you take the steps to get there.

A Team that Cares

Our team of educators and Matching Supporters are here for you!

What you'll experience

  • Get clear about your Matching Process and take action
  • Hear inspiring testimonies from couples who are happily Blessed
  • Get on the same page with your parent or child about your Matching Process
  • This course is equivalent to the Level 2 Blessing Education

Guest Speakers

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Session 3:
My Growth

Session 4:
My Contribution

Session 5:
Taking Action

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An investment into your Blessing

Gaining clarity and taking the steps to create a healthy and vibrant Blessing is worth it!

You may choose to take the course together as a family. It can be valuable in order to discuss together and get on the same page about your Matching journey.