Matching Preparation Seminar Tour 2018 

Kansas City | Nashville | Miami | Atlanta | San Antonio | Dallas | Las Vegas | Los Angeles | Bay Area | Salt Lake City | Detroit | KEA, NJ | Toronto | Montreal | Boston | Bridgeport | Clifton | Washington, D.C. | Durham | Minneapolis

Purpose & Vision

BFM Representatives John and Helen Abelseth conducted a four-month tour in 2018, visiting more than 20 communities across the country, educating families about the matching process, and listening to their stories. 

John and Helen strive every day of their tour to meet families, give them inspiration, and develop a local support teams. 

Request a Seminar in Your Community

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Tour Dates & Reports

Detroit, Michigan >

Toronto, Canada  

Montreal, Canada >

Boston, Massachuttes >

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Clifton, New Jersey

Durham, North Carolina 

Minneapolis, Minnesota

North Haledon, New Jersey >

“It was a really good experience. John is a very good speaker; he is eloquent, heartfelt, sincere, sensitive, timely, and wise/experienced. I learned a lot from the information he presented, and especially the testimonies.”  

About John & Helen Abelseth

John & Helen currently serve as the BFM Directors of Canada. For the last few years, they’ve been using their retirement to follow their true passion of visiting local communities to offer matching education and resources. They have five adult children, all of whom have been matched and received the Marriage Blessing. To get in touch John & Helen, feel free to contact John at