Shin Chul Moon

Shin Yuh Moon

Shin Heung Moon

The Band reunited to perform for this commerative occassion together with Hyo Jin Moon’s Children. Touring Seoul, New York, and Tokyo playing songs with the same spirit and heart.


The Ancestors are featured guests at this 10 Anniversary Tribute Concert. Bandleader Joe Longo, longtime friend of Hyo-Jin Moon, worked with him the 1990’s to build several recording studios and create a community of artists at Manhattan Center. Ancestors performed in New York City at venues ranging from CBGB’s to Carnegie Hall, winning kudos all along the way. They toured Japan and Korea with Hyo Jin and effectively ended the "ban on western music" with their historic tour of mainland China in 1992. They will be performing songs that Hyo Jin loved and recorded on as well as current material. Joe Longo, a New York City singer-songwriter, has perform all over the world with several critically acclaimed albums to his credit and has also worked with Broadway’s Circle in The Square Theater to present children’s musicals for inner city children… "They're not just a band. That's something like saying the Bible is just a book..." – Fairfield County Weekly "Songs imbued with mystical stirrings and idealism... they took the stage by storm!" – The New York Times "Mightily impressive and hugely original." – Maverick Magazine, UK

Unified Rhythm Collaborating for the first time, the Unified Rhythm is creating the perfect harmony of beatboxing and rap for your entertainment.  

Featuring the talents of:

Sung Lee Sung Lee is an award-winning beatboxer and live looper from NYC who has been developing his craft for over 12 years. Equipped with nothing but a microphone and a loop pedal, he uses just his mouth to create fully engaging, high energy, bass thumping music through an intricate process of recording and layering vocal sounds. Sung can organically produce entire vocal compositions without the assistance of any prerecorded samples or background instrumentals, live in real time. From hip hop, to pop, to electronic dance music, he does it all – literally, with his voice. Alex Olsson Columbus-Made Beatboxer who began Beatboxing while listening to the unique sounds of Skrillex. He unexpectedly joined the A Capella group Buck That! performing in the International Competition for Collegiate A Capella where he received the award for Outstanding Vocal Percussionist in the Midwest Semi-finals. He also performed on the Good Morning America 40-year bus tour across the nation with the group.  

Emerick Kyrim  

Michael Hanlon

Luminous Dance Co. Focusing on contemporary dance, these amazingly talented and beautiful dancers have come together to share the beauty and heart of Hyo Jeong Culture.  

Featuring: Miye Bishop Sun Shim Santos Iasmin Joana R. Lumibao Joshika Anderson  

Seiko Lee Seiko Lee is a Japanese soprano living in New York. She has been a frequent soloist with the New York City Symphony since 1996 and her concert tours have taken her to twenty-five countries where she has sung in twenty-four languages. She harbors a deep concern for world peace and through the Seiko Lee Project N.P.O. she has presented benefit concerts for numerous causes, including the 2011 Japanese tsunami relief effort, Syrian refugee aid, encouragement for medical patients, and building schools in Africa.  

She was a featured soloist at the United Nation’s 70th Anniversary concert at the General Assembly of the United Nations' Headquarters in 2015 and was recognized by former secretary general Ban Ki-moon for her artistic contribution. She recently performed at the world renown McDonald’s Gospelfest as a guest singer at the Newark Symphony Hall.  

LA BAND The grand prize winners of the 2017 Holy Song competition, the LA Band has performed in Korea, New York, and Las Vegas; performing at the HyoJeong Blessing festival, CARP Revival Rally, and for ACLC events. LA Band has strived to keep the spirit of Hyo Jin Moon alive through the power and message of music. Band leader, Matt ishizuka, is a former member of the Hyo Jin Moon band, and the pianist, Jenny Hughes, under the name “Keudae,” is a youtube sensation, garnering more than 47,000 subscribers; the rest of the band are active members and musicians in the LA area.  

Youngbok Gomez A GPA GRAD who sang for the Lovin Life Ministy. After his return to LA, he launched his YouTube page. Reaching 1M views and gaining 10k subscribers. Co writer of the grand prize winning song for 2017 holy song competition “We are one” 

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Heavenly Drummers The Heavenly Drummers is a non-profit organization that was formed by the KEA Korean Family Church members in 2004 in order to fulfill True Father's mission to spread Korean culture to America. These 2nd and 3rd generation performers have been enlightening younger students of Korean traditional music for the past 10 years to carry on the tradition. *2006 The 6th World Korean Traditional Music Competition -Grand Prize -Special Award by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea *2013 The 13th World Korean Traditional Music Competition -Grand Prize -Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition by the Member of Congress of The USA -Special Award by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea *2013 Dong-Hwa Asian Culture Music & Dance Comp&tition -Gold Prize *2015 Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month Celebration Event at Johnson and Johnson *2016 WFWP 24st Anniversary National Assembly at New Jersey *2017 The 17th World Korean Traditional Music Competition -Silver Prize 


About Hyo Jin Moon

Hyo Jin Moon was a Korean musician, a media entrepreneur, a young global peace activist, and a faithful devotee who had an exemplary heart of filial piety toward God, the Parent of humankind. In 1988, he released his first album Jaeseng(Rebirth) and during the short forty-five years of his life, he left behind fifteen full-length albums and two extended-play albums, which contain songs that he personally wrote and composed or arranged. His passionate songs were about having a heart of filial piety toward his father and mother, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Mrs. Hak Ja Han, who devoted themselves to God.  

He also sent a strong message to the public of the importance of true families and the irrationality of society through straightforward lyrics and spoken expressions. Especially between the years 2000 and 2002, Hyo Jin Moon set a goal to write more than ten thousand songs. His spirit was on fire, writing, composing, playing, and recording day and night, and showed an amazing volition as a singer. In 1986, Hyo Jin Moon as a media entrepreneur established the Manhattan Center Studios. There he provided music for the Korean movie Old Boy(2003) and did production work for Our School’s E.T. (2008), as well as produced the albums for singer Jin Young Cha and the Korean hip hop group Turtles. The Studios also produced more than 20 documentaries including the Portrait of Jesus. The Manhattan Center Studios was also home to educational programs that analyzed the cause and presented solutions to religious, family, and social issues. Hyo Jin Moon was the first president of the World Collegiate Association for the Research of Principles (W-CARP) from 1982 to 1995 and led the youth movement at the front lines to end the Cold War and realize world peace. Read More

What is Hyo Jeong Culture?  

Hyo Jeong is a Korean word combining two ideas: "hyo" - Filial and "jeong" - heart. “Hyo Jeong” in Korea is used to describe filial heart. Combined "hyojeong" means "Culture of Filial Piety", or creating a culture of heart. This heart delivered through the arts, has the power to revolutionize the culture. This term is a Unificationist school of thought. 

  • Address: 311 West 34th Street


  • Email: info@hjconcert.com

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Time: Doors open at 3PM. Pre-program begins at 3:45PM. Main program begins at 4PM.  

Location: Hammerstein Ballroom, Manhattan Center, 311 W 24th St., New York, NY 10001  

Directions: The Manhattan Center is best reached via train and subway. Exit from Penn Station onto 33rd and 8th and walk over to 34th St. Turn west MC is just past the New Yorker Hotel. By Subway, take the E train to 34th street. If you drive in, there is a parking garage adjacent to Manhattan Center with paid parking available.  

Tickets: Tickets MUST BE PURCHASED online at https://hsa.ticketspice.com/hyojeong-2018-world-tour. Kids 8 and under are free.  



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