A letter from Rev. Man Jin Kim - FFWPU Japan Regional Director 

Thank you for your concerns and prayers for us. The days of heavy rain damaged many members’ homes and household possessions especially in Hiroshima and Okayama. One blessed couple in Hiroshima passed away from a landslide caused by the rain.

Soon after the rain stopped, many brothers and sisters went to attend the recovery operation for affected members and their neighborhoods. Before the rainstorms, True Mother had directed Sun Jin Moon to preside the Ten-Thousand-Participant Rally in Okayama as her representative. True Mother and Sun Jin Moon decided to send the aid for members of Okayama as well as other damaged areas.

Two weeks after the rain ended, the rally in Okayama was held as planned. The rain and its damage could not destroy the member’s passion for the success of the rally. Some who evacuated the damaged areas still attended the rally! True Mother and Sun Jin Moon were so impressed by their absolute faith and overcoming the suffering.

The day after the Rally, Sun Jin Moon and her husband, In Sup Moon visited the affected areas and invited a few of the victims to a luncheon. Even still, Region 4 Headquarters is sending volunteers every day to help victims recover.

We have never lost hope. Thank you for your prayers.


Rev. Man Jin Kim Director of Region 4, Japan