Korea Blessing Experience

AUGUST 25-29


If you’re thinking about going to Korea to receive the Marriage Blessing, then the Korea Blessing Experience is an offer you can’t refuse!  

The Korea Blessing Experience will be an event worth the travel for anyone who attends, especially for matched couples, who will have the unique opportunity to have their marriage Blessed by True Parents together with many other matched couples. In addition, expenses for all activities, meals, accommodations, and transportation within Korea will be covered for participating couples. A Travel Grant is also available for those traveling from America.  

A fun and memorable program will be prepared for couples and their guests, including the Cosmic Blessing Ceremony, sightseeing in Korea, marriage life education, and activities. True Mother is looking forward to welcoming many couples from the USA to Korea for the celebration on August 27.  

 To join the program, sign up for further communications and complete your online application prior to Sunday, July 29.  

Participants and their guests should plan to arrive in Korea on Saturday, August 25 and depart from the program on Wednesday, August 29.  

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Once you’ve reserved your flight to Korea, submit your flight info. 


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