Resolving Disagreements With Your Spouse


November 19th @ 9PM EST

Let Go of the Rope: A Surprising Way to Resolve Disagreements with Your Spouse

All spouses have to negotiate their differences and resolve conflicts. We want our spouse to stop doing something we don’t like or join us in something we do like. So to influence them, we tend to do the same thing over and over, even though it seldom works. We explain again. We raise our voice. We give in reluctantly. We give up and withdraw.  

What if you could do something completely different? What if you could improve your relationship without even talking about those issues?


John Williams

John is a licensed Mental Health Counselor and has a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling. He is also the founding director of the Blessed Marriage Project that sponsors marriage enrichment retreats for Blessed Couples, and the Resident Counselor at High Noon, a grassroots Unificationist initiative for pornography education and recovery.