A step-by-step guide through the Matching Process.
Being the right person, then finding the right person.

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What is MatchNet?

MatchNet is a step-by-step guide for your family.

For singles, to become an extraordinarily marriageable person and find a partner that shares your vision and values for the Blessing.

For parents, to build a beautiful partnership with your child on their journey to the Blessing.

We’re only accepting the first 40 new members! After we reach 40, we will open a waiting list until the next enrollment period. This is so that we can give our focus to 40 members at a time.

Our team of caring mentors uses decades of experience and research to guide you through the best possible matching experience.

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What's Inside?

The MatchNet platform comes with a 12-month program that walks you through the preparations for the Matching Process, becoming a marriageable individual, finding a potential Matching partner, and starting the communication process to create a successful relationship.

By the time you finish the program, you will:

  • Have a better understanding of yourself, the Matching Process, and the meaning of the Blessing
  • Have more unity and understanding within your family and Matching team
  • Know best practices to find and communicate with a potential Matching partner
  • Be an upstanding Matching Candidate ready to start a Matching Process
  • Have a Matching profile on websites (if desired)

MatchNet has a 12-month program that is designed to be very easy to complete, and you can feel free to move ahead or take a break.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive an email every week with a single task for that week.

For Singles & For Parents

Singles and parents are encouraged to join, regardless of what stage they’re at. Even if you’re not ready to begin a Matching Process, the focus of MatchNet is education and preparation before finding someone.


Here's a teaser...

$99 for 12 months

An investment in your Blessing

A membership model that invests in your future, think of MatchNet as an investment in the health of your Matching Process, family, and future Blessing.

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Now accepting the first 40 new members!

After we reach 40, we will open a waiting list until the next enrollment period.


Option 1 (recommended)

MatchNet is an investment in your Matching Process and Blessing. Get support and join the community for 1 year at a discounted price of $99 for the entire year.

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Option 2

A monthly investment of $12.99 is also worth the support and community that will be part of your Matching Process. Join today and cancel at any time.


Is it another Matching website?

MatchNet is not a profile-based social platform like other websites. First, it is an educational platform, then secondly, it is a platform for connection. We work to support the already-existing Matching websites of our faith community.

Is MatchNet available to all nations?

Yes, it is, but all of the content is currently only available in English. Our end goal is to make MatchNet helpful and accessible to every family in the world, through more translated educational content and even scholarships for certain regions.

Is it for Singles and Parents?

Yes! The educational content of MatchNet is designed for single individuals who are preparing for the Matching Process and Blessing, as well as parents who want to know how to help their child navigate the Matching Process.

Is it for First-Generation & Second-Generation?

Yes, absolutely. The MatchNet program was developed with all generations and ages in mind, and it perfectly applicable for any single individuals.

What’s the inspiration behind MatchNet?

MatchNet is meant to answer the questions of Why and How when it comes to the Blessing. Why is the Blessing important to me and how can I prepare? Watch the above video for more about the inspiration.

Why are you only accepting 40 members?

We will open the program up to more and more people over the next few months. It was decided to limit the initial number of enrollments so that we can focus our attention on their experience and develop the platform incrementally.

Why is there a membership fee?

All of the content about the Matching Process and how to get Blessed is still available for free, and has been for many years. At this time, we decided to prioritize our focus on an exclusive group of members for an affordable price, and then grow that group little by little.