Realms of True Love:
Connect Groups
hursdays at 9PM (EST)


"I love seeing everyone sharing their stories. It was wonderful to meet and talk to them all."

"Thanks for providing a call that really takes care of us. I love seeing everyone of all stages."

  • Connect with a small group of people in a similar stage of life
  • Delve into True Parents' word on the Realms of True Love
  • Discuss and share about marriage, parenting, preparing for marriage, grandparenthood, and much more!
  • We will meet every Thursday at 9:00 PM (EST) in the month of April.

From BFM Director, Yun-A Johnson

Dear Blessed Families,

Our National President Rev. Demian Dunkley recently shared how this time of quarantine and isolation is a prime opportunity to focus on deepening our family relationships

True Parents also emphasize the role of families, as schools of love, in building God’s dream: a world of true love. 

Let’s use this pandemic time to focus on this beautiful vision from True Parents and our own family’s vision!

What’s your family culture like now? What kind of family culture would you like to have?

Each of our families is unique and growing our hearts isn’t easy. It’s a continuous learning process to deepen our relationships—with our spouse, with our children, with our parents, and with our siblings.

Fortunately, there’s a lot of wisdom we can inherit from True Parent’s guidance and from each other.

We’re excited to introduce Realms of True Love: Connect Groups

Every Thursday at 9:00 PM (EST) for the next five weeks, participants in this series will dive deep into True Parents' words and discuss with people of similar stages in life how to apply these words at home.

Sign up at:

Whether you are a youth, a parent, a Blessed couple, or a grandparent—these Connect Groups are for you. We will start each session with all participants together, then break into small groups to discuss, share, and connect. Each small group will consist of the same people for five weeks.

We look forward to welcoming many of our senior families, couples, and candidates to join us for this unique opportunity to connect with others centered on Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

Sending you lots of love,

Yun-A Johnson
Director of Blessing & Family Ministry

Thursdays at 9:00 PM (EST)

Readings & Discussions

April 2



"We are born in the bosom of the family and we grow within the family. The family is our origin, our starting point and our school of love."

True Parents

Cheon Seong Gyeong