2020 Special Blessing


Sept. 11 Info Session - Join Here!


True Mother has announced a Special Blessing Ceremony taking place on October 10, 2020.

This will be a special Blessing Ceremony for several reasons, especially because it will be the first world-wide Blessing event as the newly established Heavenly Parents Holy Community. True Mother's heart is to pave the way for the entire world to receive the Marriage Blessing from our Heavenly Parent and True Parent. With the success of the virtual Rally of Hope that just took place, it has become clear that there is no limit to the number of people God can reach. 


This Special Blessing is intended for all matched couples, as well as married inter-generational couples. These couples will also be receiving Special Grace as part of this Special Blessing.

In order to participate in this Blessing Ceremony, couples must complete the following steps prior to September 21.

  • Register your couple using the link below
  • Complete online application and make Blessing Offering by September 21
  • Complete the Statement of Resolve
  • Communicate with a community pastor about participating locally
  • Join the Info Session for all couples on Friday, September 11 at 9PM - REGISTER HERE
  • Join the educational webinar (date to be announced)


How do we apply?

Complete your online application and make the Blessing Offering by September 21 in order to join this Special Blessing opportunity.

The online application consists of the Matching Candidate Application, Matching Report Application, and Blessing Ceremony Application. Learn more about each of these applications here.

Married inter-generational couples should apply using this form.

Who can participate?

A) Matched couples.
Matched couples must complete all the requirements to receive the Blessing, i.e., the online applications on the BFM website. It is ideal and preferred that couples participate physically in the same location.

B) Inter-generational couples who have married before receiving the Blessing.
Inter-generational married couples must complete all the requirements to receive the Blessing, i.e., filling out the Blessing Ceremony Application for married couples, and complete the Blessing education before and after the Blessing Ceremony. They must participate physically together in the Holy Wine and Blessing Ceremonies.

Where can I purchase a Blessing ring?

It is not a requirement to have a Blessing ring for the ceremony, but it is preferred. To order a Blessing ring, send an email to mcbrunk@verizon.net. Please make sure to include the following info on your email:

  • Ring style name & ring size (right hand)
  • Metal color preference (yellow or white gold)
  • Diamond or no center diamond
  • Inscription message if applicable (40 characters at most)
  • Recipient mailing address
  • And whether or not you have already sent the payment

Click here for more details.

Make sure to send a money order as soon as you place the order. Email the tracking number to Michael so that he knows when the money order is arriving. (A priority mail will do just fine.) Remember that it might take at least two weeks for you to receive your rings.

What is the dress code?

A) Groom: dark suit, white gloves, purple bow tie recommended

B) Bride: white dress, white gloves (having accessories such as bouquets, tiaras and veils is left up to each bride)

What are the Conditions of Devotion?

Besides filling out the online applications and fulfilling the Blessing education, every participant must submit a Statement of Resolve to Start Anew to his or her local church in a sealed envelope.

Where will the Blessing Take Place?

The Blessing Ceremony will take place in Korea, and will be broadcast live throughout the world in local community churches. Please communicate with a local pastor about your interest in participating.

Will there be Special Grace?

Special Grace will be offered only to the couples participating in this Blessing. Individuals or Blessed Families wanting to receive the Special Grace will not be able to receive it at this time.


Register your local Blessing Ceremony to receive updates.


2020 Special Blessing Ceremony - 8/28/20