USA Ancestor Blessing Tour

Sharing the Blessing with our Ancestors

Chicago November 3-4

Ancestor Blessing is an opportunity that True Parents established to share the Marriage Blessing with our family members and ancestors who were not able to receive it during their lifetime. This year, we will have the unique opportunity to participate in a USA Ancestor Blessing Tour that will take place in Chicago on Nov. 3-4.

"My hope then is that all of you can liberate all your ancestors and lead them to the Marriage Blessing and I hope you can accomplish this mission of making your ancestors absolute good spirits. This is the responsibility that you have been blessed with as Blessed Families." 

- True Mother

Ancestor Liberation Ceremony

Ancestor Liberation is the initial process of sharing the Blessing with our ancestors. 

To join an Ancestor Liberation Ceremony, fill out the Ancestor Liberation Form and send it to the appropriate location. Forms must be sent in advance of the event. The conditions necessary for Ancestor Liberation can be viewed in the FAQ. Contact the event coordinator for further details about the ceremony. 

Chan Yang Sessions

The Chan Yang Session is a ceremony by which we cleanse our spirit. 

Each event during the tour will hold a Chan Yang Sessions in conjunction with the Ancestor Liberation Ceremony. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join for this chance to cleanse ourselves and the spirit of America.

Ancestor Blessing Ceremony

The Ancestor Blessing Ceremony is when our ancestors receive the Blessing, and takes place 100 days after the date of Ancestor Liberation. 

To participate in the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony, complete the conditions necessary for Ancestor Blessing, which can be viewed in the FAQ. 

Download Forms

Hyojeong Wish Fulfillment Papers

True Parents' established the tradition of Hyojeong Wish Fulfillment Papers based on their concern for the wellbeing of our families. 

Each event during the tour will be an opportunity to write a Wish Fulfillment Paper and make the donation. A condition is also associated with writing a Wish Fulfillment Paper, which can be found on the Cheongpyeong website

When you offer one (or more) Wish Fulfillment Papers and participate in the Offering Ceremony, the sinful records of your Blessed ancestors will be erased. The content of the Wish Fulfillment Paper can be for anything—it does not need to be about the ancestors.  

Read more info about Wish Fulfillment Papers

Blessing Between Spiritual & Physical

Each event during the tour will be an opportunity for a Spirit World and Physical World Matching, Blessing, and Education to Start Family. See the FAQ for more info. 

Step 1. Matching Registration

Step 2. Blessing Workshop Registration

Step 3. Starting Family Workshop Registration

Inheritance of Candle for Ascended Blessed Children

Each event during the tour will be an opporunity to participate in an Inheritance Candle Ceremony, which is a process by which ascended Blessed Children can receive the Blessing. 

Download Registration to Receive Candle for Ascended Blessed Children


Chicago November 3-4

Address: Crowne Plaza O'Hare Hotel 5440 North River Rd. Rosemont, IL 60018

Saturday, 11/3 10:00 AM – Registration 1:00 PM - Welcome and Orientation 3:00 PM - Chan Yang Session 4:00 PM – Break 4:30 PM – Presentation 5:30 PM - Dinner and Announcements 7:00 PM - Rehearsal for Representatives

Sunday, 11/4 8:00 AM - Chan Yang Session and Ancestor Liberation Ceremony 10:00 AM - Wish Paper Ceremony and Group Photo 12:00 PM - Lunch & Prep for Ancestor Blessing Ceremony 2:00 PM - Ancestor Blessing Ceremony and Spiritual/Physical Blessing Ceremony 3:30 PM - Break and Bequeathment of Candles for Ascended Blessed Children and Explanation of Spiritual/Physical Workshop to Start Family 4:30 PM - Entertainment and Group Photo 5:00 PM - Closing 

Accommodations Staying at the Crowne Plaza Hotel is the best way to have immediate access to the event. 

The lodging discount code is "Unification Church Ancestor Blessing Tour" for rooms with two double beds on Friday night, November 2 and Saturday night, November 3. Individuals and families should call the hotel directly and mention the discount code to reserve their rooms.

Download Forms

Fill out the Ancestor Liberation Form and send it to the appropriate location prior to the event date. 

Where to Send Forms

The Cheongpyeong team needs to review all the forms before the start of the event. Make checks payable to HSA-UWC (please note that donations are not tax deductable.)

Midwest Subregion 3

Chicago Family Church 55 E. Commerce Dr., Schaumburg, IL 60173 Attn: "Ancestor Blessing". Email: Phone: 847-409-9079 

Southwest Subregion 4

Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma Rev. Mark Hernandez 1710 W. Airport Freeway Irving, TX 75062 214-789-9269 

Colorado Mrs. Adonia Hentrich 3418 W. 14th Ave, Denver, CO 80204 303-253-4123 

Las Vegas James Oberg 8485 Gardena Hills Ave. Las Vegas, NV 89178 702-786-2760 

Utah Mrs. Wendy Stovall 3819 Shire Cir. Taylorsville, UT 84129 801-967-8013 

New Mexico Rev. Rick Schnorr 501 Cagua SE Albuquerque, NM 87108 505-463-7053 

Western Subregion 5

District 12: Southern California, Arizona, Hawaii Mrs. Shoko Wema 950 Holly Vista Dr. Pasadena, CA 91105 626-826-0677

District 11: Northern California Mrs. Siew Lian LeRoy 2305 Washington Ave. San Leandro, CA 94577 510-483-4712

District 10: Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska Rev. Nelson Mira 6601 NE Windermere Rd. Seattle, WA 98115 206-574-8728


Many questions about Ancestor Blessing can be answered on the Cheongpyeong website here and here. If you have logistic questions about a local event, please contact the event coordinator.

How can I participate? 

Anyone can participate in one of the events by registering for the event.

To participate in the Ancestor Liberation, fill out the Ancestor Liberation Form and send it to the appropriate location. Forms must be sent in advance of the event. If forms are submitted at the event, the ancestors will be liberated or Blessed at Cheongpyeong at the next workshop, not at the U.S. program.

How can I find my Ancestor Liberation records?

You can find your records by contacting: Tina Zelada: 

You can also go directly to the Cheongpyeong website and log in to find your family's Ancestor Liberation records. If you have not yet created an account, contact Cheongpyeong by email at In the message, include your country, full name of husband and wife, Blessing group, other family members doing the Ancestor Liberation with you, and the specifics of your request. 

Always keep a copy of your Ancestor Liberation Registration Form for your own records. 

Who can participate? 

All Blessed Families are invited and encouraged to participate in this unique opportunity. Blessed Children can participate on behalf of the family. 

Participants must: 

  • Have received the Holy Wine
  • Be 18 years or older

What are the conditions for Ancestor Liberation?

1. Offer 21 days of 50 full bows. In the case that bowing is not possible, offer 21 days of breakfast fasting. 

2. Offer the liberaton donation. To calculate the accurate amount, please visit the Cheongpyeong website (click here).

How much is the donation amount?

North America is part of Group 1. Please see "How to calculate liberation and blessing donation and registration fee" on the Cheongpyeong website (click here). 

Please note:

  • These donations are not tax deductable. 
  • Checks may be cashed in Korea.
  • When calculating payment for liberation and Blessing, there is no need to add $25, as this is included in your registration fee to participate in the event.

Whom can I contact about the event? 

Please se the "Where to Send Forms" section for details. 

What should I bring to the event?

  • FM radio
  • White T-shirt for Chan Yang Sessions
  • Holy Robes and Blessing Ring (if participating in the Ancestor Blessing Ceremony)

What accommodations are available?

Please see the "Attend an Event" section for details.

What if I cannot attend one of the events? 

We encourage everyone to join the event in their own Subregion. However, if for scheduling reasons you need to attend a different one, please register for the event you will participate in. If you cannot join any of the events, you can register for Ancestor Liberation through the traditional method of sending your Ancestor Liberation registration directly to Cheongpyeong. Read the Cheongpyeong website to find out how to register (click here).